Do You Really Eat Fish, Meat and Animal Products For Protein, Or Is It Familiarity And Lack Of Self Control?

Greens for Life. Greens the original and ultimate source of proteins.

Greens are the greatest source of All minerals and second greatest source of all vitamins. They are all the green leaves we call "Vegetables" such as Ugu leaves, Moringa leaves, waterleaf, bitter leaf, Ewedu leaves, shoko, okazi, utazi leaves, uziza leaves, scentleaves, garden eggs leaves and Green Amaranth that we simply call "Green" in Nigeria.
Proteins are large, complex molecules that play many critical roles in the body. They do most of the work in the cells and are required for the structure, function and regulations of the body's tissues and organs. Proteins are made up of Amino acids that join together to form long chains.

If you care about your health at all then Please spend some time reading this small pdf by Victoria Buotenko, "Green For Life".
Forget Excuses, and invest in your body because the day it breaks down you'll realize nothing else really matters.
So why do I drink Green Juices, because of the scientific proofs? No. I mean they're really good, enough to inspire me to buy a blender and try it for two days but I found better fun ways and stayed on it because I love myself. I want to not just live for a long time, but to live really well and strong, not needing anyone to take me to the toilet, bath, brush and dress me at 100. Yes I want more. I want my future children's friends to ask if I'm a friend or sister, based on my looks. Yes I really want to live strong enough to enjoy the fruits of my hardworks when my agemates are settling into nursing homes.

How has been the experience? They weren’t great at first, being someone that loved cooking good healthy meals, I struggled with swallowing the juice but on day 7 of drinking green juice for breakfast, I realized I was craving my juice and literally jumped to prepare it. I couldn’t believe it. The obvious improvements were even more motivation to keep going.
How do I consume these wonderful greens?
I blend 50naira worth of any green with ginger and turmeric, and enjoy for breakfast everyday :) Check out the health benefits of these greens, you’d be surprised.

So, Why Will You do it?

Please follow me, leave a comment and claps as this will really go a long way to help me keep sharing my experiences on my new raw plantbased Lifestyle especially for people on a similar journey.Thank you so much for your time, it truly means a lot.




I'm a Young Nigerian Christian Woman on a journey to a Plant-based lifestyle. I love God, Reading, Writing, Mindfulness, Workouts, Sharing health Lessons...

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Vivian Jeremiah

Vivian Jeremiah

I'm a Young Nigerian Christian Woman on a journey to a Plant-based lifestyle. I love God, Reading, Writing, Mindfulness, Workouts, Sharing health Lessons...

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